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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear facing until a minimum of age two and that rear facing child car seats is concluded to be 5 times safer compared to forward facing child car seats?

Herein, news, rear-facing car seats, traffic safety and Axkid* product news are highlighted primarily via selected twitter feeds. The idea to found the semi-automated Child Car Safety News blog originated at a recent Axon kids presentation held in Gothenburg, Sweden , where the company representative demonstrated their Axkid Rekid chair.

The author, a Swedish scientist and a father of 2 children, obviously appreciated the genious design and features of the new Axkid Rekid chair, resulting in outstanding flexibility and conveniency:

The Axkid Rekid rear-facing safety seat is designed to provide the safety benefits of rear-facing seating combined with maximum comfort.

The Rekid is equipped with unique, automatically tightening tether straps to make assembly easy. You simply connect each strap, then rock the seat from side to side until the seat is firmly in place. No more hard work for the parent! Been there, done that!

The adjustable front leg means you can easily recline the seat for the comfort of your child and the extra long support leg ensures that a stable installation can be achieved in a variety of vehicles.

Another great feature of the Rekid is the adjustable head support that adapts to the perfect position for your child as the harness is tightened.  The head support also has a parking brake to increase the comfort for smaller children.

The author has previously learned that following multiple twitter news feeds is an efficient way to gain insights in an industry, all aspects included. Convinced of a brighter road safety future for chlidren in cars as a result of the emerging global trend for rear facing child seats, the author instantly became an Axonkids AB share holder, and therefore this blog must be classified as heavily biased (the full disclaimer is attached above).


Axkid is part of the Swedish company Axon Kids AB (Aktietorget, AXON, ISIN SE0005934452). The company develops, manufactures and sells child safety seats, with focus on the European market. Axkid’s safety seats are developed in accordance with the Scandinavian philosophy; rear-facing seats are safer! Please scroll down this page for for additional twitter news feeds…

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